Personal services

Novum provides comprehensive legal services to individuals. Here are examples of policy areas for serving individuals:

Tort and insurance matters

With well over 100 court cases closed and decades of experience, Novum is very well placed to provide outstanding legal services in this area. This applies to all areas of tort and insurance law, e.g. social security, maritime law, professional liability cases, accidents at work, etc. 

It is important to get good and correct advice when an individual is involved in an accident such that personal injury results from or in other forms of damage, such as damage to property or defects in real estate. The same applies if a claim is received from the buyer of real estate or other potential injured parties. First reaction is crucial. Novum is ready to assist you all the way. 

An initial interview with an attorney evaluating your legal status is always free of charge. Novum can't take legal action against VÍS due to a conflict of interest. 

Wills and estates

If an individual wishes to dispose of funds in a manner other than stated in the law of inheritance, one way is to make a will. Since there are various restrictions on how an individual may dispose of  funds by means of a will, it is a good idea to consult an expert for the purpose of the will passing when it is tried. Novum is experienced in preparing wills and is always ready to assist you. 

Novum also undertakes the exchange of estates with extensive experience in that area.

Information technology and privacy

Novum attorneys have knowledge and experience of communications with the Data Protection Authority in relation to legislation on the protection of personal data, as well as in the implementation of rules on the protection of personal data in companies.

Consumer rights

Almost every day, people act as consumers. Fortunately, consumer rights are constantly increasing, but it can be difficult to grasp all the regulation and the rights you actually have. 

Novum has knowledge and experience in this area and can assist you in managing the legal rights you have as a customer. 

Other legal services

  • Defects (real estate and movables)
  • Contract law
  • Rent issues
  • Mortgage
  • Administrative law
  • Establishment of companies